Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi all, well, since we last spoke, both Dexter and I have had bronchitis and his has returned. Over Memorial Day, we flew up to New York to be with my cousins. It's kind of a mini family reunion. The weather was great and we went to Massachussetts to see the Norman Rockwell musuem. What a treat.
Mike is due back today from Mississippi, so we drove his car down to the armory and left it for him. I hope he comes in tonight.
Physical therapy is really leaving me pooped, but it's what I want and hope my legs get stronger soon.
I spent time with our gandson Ben and that's always fun. While we were gone up north they came and stayed here. Seems Tom took Ben on the tractor for a ride and he was in seventh heaven. He's into Bob the Builder right now. Found a cheerio in our bed, so I know he took a nap there!!!
I know, I have to get pictures, give an old lady a break.
Speaking of old ladies, I'll be 70 years old on the 25th, so I'm throwing myself a party. A bbq really.
Not much else right now. I'm still keeping tabs on Windy, calling the home where he is and speaking to the lady who takes care of him. He has a good appetite but doesn't really do too much else.
See ya, Teri

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sassiern said...

YAY!!! you left a blog. Have you looked at mine yet? Maybe this is the way we will keep in touch more. But we need pictures. It's not too hard, I can even do it.
ta ta...