Friday, February 26, 2010


OK So I forget about my blog. It's not like don't have a life. I talked to Barb last night. On facebook, there is another Teri Petzold and we contacted each other. Seems she is legit and a 22 year old student in Ohio. It dawned on me that Jim was from Ohio, so she is gonna look up some info and see if this Teri could be so me distant relative. Cool, huh? So, yea we loved Europe. London is fantastic. Scotland, ah yes, had to buy cashmere sweaters. Dublin we walked our feet off. Beautiful country. My surgery went well and I just got released from my physical therapy. Now we are counting to days for our next adventure.
arch 30, we fly to Barcelona Spain for three days and then get on our cruise ship and go to Rome, France, Greece, Croatia and Venice. We;ll spend three days in Venice before flying home. ther than that everything else is much the same. We are getting an unusual amount of snow and wind this month as you probably have heard ont he TV. But, of course, not as cold as Maggie. Barb's house sure sounds great, can't wait to see it. That's about it. Bye for now. (Maybe not another 9 months though)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi everyone

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day (I'm sure only females read my blog). I sure did. Dexter and Michael surprised me with a 2006 white Honda CRV! I love it. It holds all my art supplies in the back and there is plenty of room for four people.
We took it to Williamsburg, VA last week. For those of you who may not know, that is a very historical town. We walked our legs off, but the weather was great and we had a lot of fun.
I'm having trouble with my rotator cuff. There is a partial tear (it is or it isn't, right?) and tendinitis and arthritis. I've been getting steroid shots, only every three months (darn it) but that hasn't really helped. The doctor is talking about going in and scoping the area. We shall see.
Dex still every once in awhile will take some oxygen , especially after working outside for awhile. Otherwise he is doing fine. We have had so much rain nonstop that we can't put up the new shed. We had two truck loads of dirt brought in and leveled the ground and now he has to cover it all with a plastic sheet. Finally we are getting 90 degree weather, so as soon as it dries out, he'll have them come and erect it. It's a red barn style root with three bays, I guess about 20 x 30 or 30 x 30, I'm not sure.
The time is getting close for our trip to Europe in Sept. We sure are looking forward to it.
Well, that's it for now, Oh yea, it's my birthday. For 24 days Dex and I are the same age...71.
Bye for now. Teri

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, most of y ou are on facebook, so look at that and see the two photos of Dex and I when we were in the islands on our cruise. Doesn't he look good? He is doing well after his blood clot. Still takes a little oxygen when he works too long outside. Otherwise we are ok. Tom's son just turned 3 in March, and Katie's girl turned 1 ont he same day. Mike helped me put the pix o n facebook but taking alittle longer to figure out the blog. Mike is still waiting for the army to give him papers to have physical therapy for his back.
Meanwhile he's in limbo as to getting a job. He's back to volunteering for the fire dept as an EMT. Actually saved a person the other day with CPR.
That's it for now, love to all. Teri



Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Me Again

OK, OK, boy you guys keep perstering me on this dang blog thing. ow I'm on Facebook and can hardly keep up with that!!!
Now, let's see. Today it is snowing, the first real snow we have had in a year. About 6 inches and it is beautiful, especially when you don't have to drive anywhere.
This is terrible, I looked back at the calander to see if we did anything eciting and all I can find are doctor's appointments.
I am edoing my bathroom. Nothing like Barb and Mike's house, believe me. But a new ceiling and lights the rain and leak in the roof had damaged it), new walls (a klittle darker than Williamsburg blue) with hi gloss molding etc. New flooring will go in Thursday...just linoleum
We closed off a door to my closet so now I have a nice expanse of wall, so of course, I have to fill it. I'm going to put my antique pie safe there to hold my towels.
I'm also getting the same linoleum put down in my closet.
Still taking oil painting classes and still teaching acrylics at the Senior Center.
Doing alot of planning with my cousin in Colorado because she, her cousin and Dex and I are going to Europe in September. London for three days (where I'll hook up with my daughter-in-law's parents) then Scotland for a week, and then Dublin for a week. We are all excited about that.
It snowed today about 6 inches and that's more than we have had in almost two years. Abby goes out to pee and stands on her two front feet.
OK, that's it for now.
Love Teri
OK now how the hell do I send this thing.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, we are still alive

Hi, well after umpteen tries to get ont o my blog, I finally remembered the password. It is now written down with all my other passwords. OK, where do I start. We did go out to Colorado in Sept and had a blast. Pagosa Springs is a great place to vacation. We went rafting in New Mexico, did some pottery, spent the whole day a a spa where there was 13 different hot springs (got a massage too), took a buggy ride pulled by Clydesdale horses and had a bbq with a sing-a-long, and took a steam train up the the hills (9,000 ft) who can breathe up there? It was an old mining town called Silverton with old saloon bldgs etc. There were hot air balloon rides but Dexter nixed that. But we did get to see a bunch go up and that was a pretty sight. In Durango I bought to cowboy hats (what can I say, I line dance) and a beeeutiful gown to wear on the cruise. It was 300.00 somthing and I got it for 75.00. Some beads were missing (they had extra ones) and thre was a small mark on the bottom. I sewed the beads back on (don't think my eyesight will ever be the same) and I will take it to the cleaners just to have the bottom cleaned, I don't want them touching the beads. It is silk and a sorta the color of the inside of a shell. I'll try and send pix.
Then on to Ca where we saw lots of friends and relatives including our new great granddaughter Sophia. She was 6 months and very cute. We had a bbq at Liz ( my step-granddaughter) and all the grandkids were there and the great grandkids, from Liz and her brother Josh. It gets to become an extended family. But we got to see Rick's, 2000 sq ft of cleanliness, it gags you he is such a neat freak. Has decorated in gargoyles. Dave looks good and is a great grandpa. Not great great but just a grandpa that is great. HA.
On to Arizona to friends we have since the kids were little. Spent a week and had a good time. Then a week home. The whether had been great till we stopped in Sedona for the night and after Flagstaff it rained the whole way. Now we had already spent a $1,000.00 in LA on the car, had the tire fixed that had a nial in it in AZ, (I think) then the window on the driver's side decided not to go up so Dex kept using two hands to get it up and wedge matchbook or twigs or whatever was on hand to keep it up. Course I would slam the door or go over bumps and it would come down. He's gotta love me. I don't know why h e wouldn't get it fixed on the road. Turns out it was just something that came loose and was fixed in no time here at home.
OK, now we are home. Tom and Liz bought another house and I am so happy for th em. It's about 30 minutes west of their other house which they are keeing for a rental. The new one is three stories, has a porch, and is on 3/4 acre. Close to Ben's daycare (8 minutes) and closer to us.
We are going out next weekend to help paint two rooms. It has a tower for the third floor and it will be Tom's room and he likes that he has a door to close and keep the cats out.
My daughter-in-law took me to a spa for a late birthday present. I had different treatments and it was a fun day.
Rick turned 40.
I don't know if I told you about a painting I did (drawing actually using colored pencils) It won a gold medal here (four counties competeing) and it went to state finals and won third place. How 'bout that?
Mike is in Latvia right now getting ready to come home. Just messin' around there with two other guys from the embassy in Iraq. He goes on manuevers the 14th.
Getting ready for the cruise, (packing, etc)because once we are in NY and come home there won't be enough time.
OK, guess that's enough for now. I expect a picture of Reese and Liz'a new address, when she gets one, news about Maggie's boyfriend, and Rebecca what are you up to?
Barb, you should go to a hotel until your house is done!!!!!!!
Love to hear from all of you.
Teri and what's his name.