Sunday, June 29, 2008

OK So I'm officially old now

I celebrated my birthday with a nice bbq. Dex even went out and bought a new grill.It was in the 90's, but the rain didn't start till it was over. We are now having a grat th under storm and Abby is shaking by my side. I live down the road from a lot of greenhouses and went and bought a whole bunch of hanging baskets to hang around the wrap around porch. They looked beautiful. Mike is coming home on the 23rd and will be home with the national guard. Some trianing, then one weekend a month till they go over.
As you know Barb, Mike, and Jennifer met us in CA. to go to Windy's memorial and get in touch with his lawyer. We had a few days to sight see and that was fun.
We went on a trip with the Seniors to Mt Airy, which in tv land is Mayberry. Always a nice trip, then last week we went to Blowing Rock which is a town in the mountains. It's nice to go with the Senior Center because we don't have to pay for gas which is now $3.99, but at Walmart we pay $3.86.
Liz and Ben came down for the party. Tom is in Sacramento with the Guard for the fires. He hopes to be home in a few days. they say the fires will be out in 6 weeks, but totally not for 6 months. I think I got that right.
It was fun having Ben here. He can throw and catch (when he doesn't shut his eyes) pretty good. Of course at 2 yrs old, before you can finish asking him a question, the answer is "No".
For awhile now, things should quiet down. I'm planning another play for next month.
This one will be a reader's theatre. That means the old folks (God, am I one now?) just rad their scripts and not memorize t hem. We have a party once a month at the center and that's when we'll perform.
We're going to Colorado in Sept and expect to go on the Barb's IF SHE'S HOME.
If my cousin come down from Vermont in Sept. we won't get to Utah till the around the 26th. If she doesn't come, we might be a few days earlier.
Well, that's it for now. Take care everyone.

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liz taylor said...

sound like you guys are keeping busy!