Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Blog

We're glad you guys started this family blog. I'm not sure if I'm going to get this right or not but I'll give it a shot. Our news: Katie had a baby girl so we are not great-grandparents. They will call me GG Teri. Ben is talking a lot more now, but I don't get to see him too often. David is managing something like a jiffy-lube. Rick has moved into his new condo, and still has his old one and the house if Rancho Stevenson. He's still thinking of moving to Salt Lake, but it will be a few years. Mike is home for a month from working for Blackwater in Bahgdad, but has been called up by the National Guard and will be deployed the end of the year. When he gets done with this tour, he will only have one more year in the Guard and he can retire from them. Tom is still working in DC, trying to get moved back down to Durham where they live. There is also the chance that he may be called also. Dexter is fiddling outside like he likes to do in the spring/summer. We just had to buy a new riding mower...$3500.00. We both entered the Senior Games (like the Olympics, but for seniors). I won two gold medals for my artwork and best of show for the best in visual arts. He will be playing golf this
week. That's it for now. Lord knows if I'll be able to put a picture on this thing, maybe Mike can show me how. Love to all. Teri

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