Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Me Again

OK, OK, boy you guys keep perstering me on this dang blog thing. ow I'm on Facebook and can hardly keep up with that!!!
Now, let's see. Today it is snowing, the first real snow we have had in a year. About 6 inches and it is beautiful, especially when you don't have to drive anywhere.
This is terrible, I looked back at the calander to see if we did anything eciting and all I can find are doctor's appointments.
I am edoing my bathroom. Nothing like Barb and Mike's house, believe me. But a new ceiling and lights the rain and leak in the roof had damaged it), new walls (a klittle darker than Williamsburg blue) with hi gloss molding etc. New flooring will go in Thursday...just linoleum
We closed off a door to my closet so now I have a nice expanse of wall, so of course, I have to fill it. I'm going to put my antique pie safe there to hold my towels.
I'm also getting the same linoleum put down in my closet.
Still taking oil painting classes and still teaching acrylics at the Senior Center.
Doing alot of planning with my cousin in Colorado because she, her cousin and Dex and I are going to Europe in September. London for three days (where I'll hook up with my daughter-in-law's parents) then Scotland for a week, and then Dublin for a week. We are all excited about that.
It snowed today about 6 inches and that's more than we have had in almost two years. Abby goes out to pee and stands on her two front feet.
OK, that's it for now.
Love Teri
OK now how the hell do I send this thing.


Rebecca said...

You can't send it, your friends and family just have to check on it to see if you updated it or not. Brandon and I have a blog now, it's Talk to you soon, love Rebecca

Barb said...

FINALLY! Well you have come into the computer world with blogs & facebook, it's all kinda fun. We went to Lake Powell last week for a nice break. This past weekend we started taking out more kitchen cabinets- it's demolition time again. Will try to post pictures soon. Take care, stay warm. I can't wait for spring!!!