Friday, February 26, 2010


OK So I forget about my blog. It's not like don't have a life. I talked to Barb last night. On facebook, there is another Teri Petzold and we contacted each other. Seems she is legit and a 22 year old student in Ohio. It dawned on me that Jim was from Ohio, so she is gonna look up some info and see if this Teri could be so me distant relative. Cool, huh? So, yea we loved Europe. London is fantastic. Scotland, ah yes, had to buy cashmere sweaters. Dublin we walked our feet off. Beautiful country. My surgery went well and I just got released from my physical therapy. Now we are counting to days for our next adventure.
arch 30, we fly to Barcelona Spain for three days and then get on our cruise ship and go to Rome, France, Greece, Croatia and Venice. We;ll spend three days in Venice before flying home. ther than that everything else is much the same. We are getting an unusual amount of snow and wind this month as you probably have heard ont he TV. But, of course, not as cold as Maggie. Barb's house sure sounds great, can't wait to see it. That's about it. Bye for now. (Maybe not another 9 months though)

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Barb said...

You guys sound as busy as us, but travelers! We're the carpenters. Headed to Az next month, then Or then Lake Powell. I can't wait for warm weather