Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hi Y'all

Well, it's been awhile. The internet was so slow, I couldn't get through. My news is last week I woke up in mucho pain and after a half hour I realized it was a kidney stone. ER, wonderful pain medicine, a gorgeous doctor filled my bladder with water and went up there and blasted that sucker and took it out. The kicker is, he put in a stent. So all week pain, pain, pain. It had affected my intersitial cistytis. So after a week I went back today a nd he took it out. That sucker was 12-14 inches long. and wire. Hello...So now the pain isn't so bad but I have to fill a large jar with urine for a 24 hour period. (I know you're just lovin' all this info). But, hey, it got me out of making dinner all week.

News flash. Dexter and I are going on a Caribbean cruise from Dec 5 to Dec 19th. My cousin in Colorado is going with us and a few other ladies (poor Dexter). I'm excited about it. Ten islands!!!! I told him he could get it for me for my birthday, and I got his for HIS birthday. Neat, huh?

We leave September 6 for Colorado to spend a week at a time share in Durango, CO. We will be leaving there on the 22nd. Barb, will you be off those days?? I know you're going to Oregon for the weekend of the 27th. It takes 8 hours to get to Utah, so that would put us there late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd.. I want to be in CA around the 29th.It takes 11 hours to get to Ojai, two days there, and then to LA. If it's too close timing for you, let me know. I do want to see your house, but I know it's bad timing. After seeing the grandkids and great grandkids, Rick and David, we'll head down to AZ for a week or so with old friends from San Diego and Santa Maria. Then a week or so to get home.

That puts us home the second week in October, Thanksgiving in NY, home three days and off on the cruise. Gosh, I wonder what I can do during the last two weeks in Oct. I know, I'll decorate for Christmas, since I plan on having a party for my art class during the holidays. Guess it'll have to be around New Years.

Mike is home and is still trying to get out of going across the pond with the National Guard. His present job with the government wants and needs him there.

Tom's contract in DC is up next week. He got 5 job offers with the Guard and is taking the one in Raleigh, about 40 minutes from his home in Durham. Quite a difference than the 5 hour drive he's been doing.

Well, for some reason my men want dinner. I had Dex put the water on for pasta, guess that's all I can hope for.

You guys be good, have fun, and hopefully I'll see ya soon.

Love, Teri

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Barb said...

finally an update. I don't think we will be home on the 22nd after all, she is having the dr induce her on the 20th; also, my house is in a state of total destruction d/t the remodeling. I don't have a spare bedroom anymore or a kitchen. I'll call you later, but don't plan on Utah this summer. ta ta...