Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hey everybody

I know, I know, I said Jennifer instead of Rebecca, sorry girls. Well, let's see, what have I done since I last talked to you. I finally realized I should check comments after my blog! Now, if I could only remember how to get to your blogs. I should put them on my favorites lst and then I wouldn't have to remember. Hmm? We are finally getting some great thunder and lightning storms, I love them. And we really need the rain.
Dex and I went to the center (I will refer to the senior center as that from now on) and we strted the first pinnocle game. None of us had played in over 20 years, but we picked up o.k. It was fun and we will do it once a week. So on Thursday while Dex plays golf and I'm teaching art, we'll go to lunch when we meet and then go back to the center for games. Oh my, aren't we the industrial type.
It keeps us out of trouble. You know how the old geezers are. I talked to David today. It's his birthday and he is 49 and loving being a grandpa. Katie sent me a picture of Sohpia that is adorable. and yes, I will send it. But right now it's 2 o'clock in them morning and I don't want to mess with it, figuring it out and all.
There are times when I stay up all night and this looks like it may be one of those nights. Don't know why, nothing on my mind, just wide awake. Some times I read all night and now I'm here. Just got through playing some new card games on the computer.
My physical therapy seems to be going o.k. They rally put me through some moves, but I think my thighs are getting stronger. I don't check my blogs so forgive me if I repeat myself.
Dex keeps bringing in stuff from the garden. and our fruit trees. So far I've frozen peaches and blueberries. I don't like to freeze squash it always comes out water logged. I try to use it as soon as it's picked, but lordy, how much of that stuff can one eat?? I'm not even crazy about it, but it's a good crop. We have plums that are ripe now, too. Eat your heart out Barb.
E-mail me and let me know how to get into to your blog, please.. I promise to do pictures. Dex turns 71 on the 19th.
Love to all, Teri

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